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Solar Panels Newport
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We all want to do our bit for the environment and reduce our energy bills. Installing solar panels on your house is an increasingly easy and affordable way of doing this, as panel prices drop and with the Governments Feed-in Tariff providing a 20 year index linked tax free income to the homeowner the return on investment can be as much as 12%. Just a days installation means you are helping the planet whilst enjoying the savings on your bills and you can look forward to an additional income in excess of £550.00 per year.



2.5 kWp system with all black monocrystaline panels





4.0 kWp system with all 250w Sharp panels




4 kWp ground mount system




From tiled and slate roofs to flat roofed garages, Carter Thomas Construction provide families with a professional, flexible and personalised service. We can install solar panels for domestic clients across the whole of South Wales, the West and beyond.



Whether you are wishing to up your green credentials or you want to put that retirement money into an investment with better returns than the bank, we will be able to tailor your domestic solar PV installation to your needs. From enquiry to completion our friendly and experienced in-house design and installation teams are ready and willing to guide you through every aspect of your project providing you with a turnkey service.



Our systems can be mounted on almost any type of roof to help you reduce your carbon footprint, cut the spiraling cost of electricty and provide a return on your investment. Whether you choose an on-roof system or prefer the system built into your roof, Carter Thomas Construction will be on hand to:



  • Carry out an unobtrusive and accurate survey.
  • Help you to comply with Energy Performance Certificate requirements and help you achieve the most efficient system possible.
  • Organise any scaffolding or extra works needed.
  • Supply and install a solar PV system that maximises your return on investment at a competitive price.
  • Enable you to complete necessary applications and grid connections to obtain your Feed-in-Tariff.



A 1.5 kWp system could generate around 1425 kWh per year, saving almost 809 kg of CO2 and generating an income of over £200 a year!



A 2.5 kWp system could generate around 2375 kWh per year, saving almost 1349kg of CO2 and generating an income of over £350 a year!



A 4.00 kWp PV system could generate around 3800 kWh per year, saving almost 2158 kg of CO2 and generating an income of over £550 a year! 



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