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Free hot water



 Solar immersion switches work alongside your PV system to channel any excess electricity generated by your solar panels to heat your water.

 Excess electricity produced by your Solar panels is usually exported back to the grid but with the addition of a solar immersion switch any excess electricty is diverted to your immersion heater instead, meaning you get to use as much of the free energy generated by your panels as possible. Intelligent controls react to household demand, so if a kettle is switched on, or more electricity is required elsewhere in the home, electricity produced by the PV panels is diverted to these devices first and then back to the immersion heater when available.




Why choose an immersion switch


  • You get free hot water from your PV system because only the surplus power from your solar panels is used to heat the hot water in your tank.
  • The intelligent controller gets to work whether or not you’re in the house, meaning you automatically get hot water with the electricity produced by your panels which you would otherwise be exporting.
  • You are being Smart about electricity because you are only using surplus electricity. All of your ‘home-grown’ electricity is put to use, minimising what you pay your electricity supplier.
  • You will see your water heating bills drastically reduce as excess electricity- from as little as 50 Watts – is diverted from your solar panels to the immersion heater.


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