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A guide to how Solar PV systems work



 Solar panels  generate electricity by harnessing the sun’s energy and converting it into, clean green electricity. The panels (modules) contain photovoltaic cells - semiconductor devices that convert sunlight directly into electricity. Most PV systems are grid connected, which means that the energy that the modules generate is fed directly into (and synchronised with) a building’s existing electricity supply.



PV systems consist of three main elements:

  • an array of  PV modules (Solar panels)
  • an inverter(s)
  • cables, generation meter and switchgear




The inverter is an electronic device that converts the DC  energy generated by the solar panels into AC electricity (the type used in your property). The inverter also monitors the solar PV system to ensure its safe and efficient operation.

The inverter then channels the electricity directly into the property's fusebox giving the consumer the benefit of using that Generated power at no cost therefore using significantly less chargeable energy supplied via swalec etc.

There will be a surplus of energy being created by the panels on bright days and low useage, this energy will be exported back into the national grid for use by others.

There are additional ways to utilise the excess electricity generated by the photovoltaic panels such as a smart switch which diverts the surplus power from the panels to your immersion heater to provide free hot water. Please see our Free Hot Water section.




















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