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Times are tough in the public sector. Budgets are being squeezed a little tighter each year, while local authorities are expected to play a leading role in achieving the EU’s targets on sustainability.


Since the introduction of the government’s Commercial Feed-In Tariff (FIT) scheme, the public sector has been turning to renewable energy systems as a way of saving money, creating a valuable income stream, meeting the government’s targets on sustainability, and combatting fuel poverty.

Solar PV for Local Authorities

Local authorities have financial and environmental incentives for installing Solar PV systems.In times of austerity, installing solar panels on local authority buildings means you will benefit from reduced energy bills while generating an income stream thanks to FIT payments. Solar power is the easiest way is generate your own renewable energy, and to lessen the impact of your buildings on the environment.

It also sends out a positive statement to your community. It demonstrates your commitment to financial and environmental issues, and will inspire and educate local residents about the benefits of renewable energy.

With a multitude of buildings at your disposal, including schools, hospitals, prisons, council offices, community housing, libraries and leisure centres, your possibilities are endless.

Solar PV for Schools & Colleges


Educational establishments, including schools, colleges and universities, are fantastic places to install Solar PV systems.

With most classes taking place during daylight hours, your establishment will greatly reduce its energy costs by generating its own electricity from the ‘dead’ space on building roofs. You’ll also be able to boost your income with FIT payments.

But that’s not all. You’ll be providing inspiring educational tools for future generations. A Solar PV system is an interesting scientific experience, and a tool for providing an awareness of environmental sustainability.

Which means you’ll be inspiring a whole new generation of green thinkers.

Solar PV for Housing Associations


Housing Associations and Registered Social Landlords can gain huge benefits from going green.

Installing Solar PV systems, whether retrofitted to current properties or incorporated into new builds, will benefit both the landlords and their tenants.

Tenants will benefit from reduced electricity bills, while Housing Associations and Registered Social Landlords can boost their income from the FIT scheme for 20 years after installation and maximise the revenue from their property portfolios.

This will go a long way towards combatting fuel poverty and meeting the government’s sustainability targets.

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